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Handwoven Muga Ghicha Silk Yardage / Fabric Width 36"

Handwoven Muga Ghicha Silk Yardage / Fabric Width 36"

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A hand woven Muga Ghicha Fabric / Yardage from Assam ,India

The whole production process involved in the making of the fabric can be termed as organic as no dyes or chemicals are involved in the process . The end to end process is also manual - from rearing of the cocoons , spinning , dyeing and to weaving .

Muga Silk - The most valued silk from India. Almost exclusively reared and produced in Assam, India. It is indigenous to the Brahmaputra Valley and assiduously practiced in the districts of Assam. The moth is basically a wild moth. Hence it is categorised as Vanya Silk or Wild silk by the silk board of India.(

The yarn produces is a natural rich golden yellow or light brown colour depending on the host plant it feeds on. These are unique products. Muga silks resist sunshine and are more durable than most other silks. No dyes are applied to the yarns. The golden colour is its natural colour. Most Muga rearing and cultivation is still done by village clusters in Assam in the traditional method.

Ghicha silk is referred to a type of silk procured from the cocoon wastes of wild silk cocoons of Muga , Eri or Tassar in India .

A very tedious and time consuming process that is generally undertaken by the women of the communities involved in the silk cottage industry of the regions involved.

Since , it is procured from the cocoon wastes , these yarns are coarser and uneven resulting in textiles that have very unique textures. The textiles have a coarse and somewhat dry hand feel and also the weaving will be uneven . They tend to become softer over the years. They will also be more heavier than the textiles made from the filament yarns.

Ideal as home furnishing textiles , jackets and heavier fashion items .

Available Yardage 8 Mts .

Appx Width - 36".

PLEASE NOTE - QTY OF 1 INDICATES 1 METER OF FABRIC . And the price mentioned is for 1 meter of fabric .

Wash Care - Dry Clean or hand wash using mild detergents or shampoo separately . Flat dry and Shade dry . Do not wring .

Please note that we try to capture the exact colours but due to lighting issues and presence of silks , there will be slight difference between the colours in the image and that of the actual product.

Shipping -  4-5 Business days . 

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