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Handwoven Natural Colour Hand Spun Eri Silk Sari from Assam

Handwoven Natural Colour Hand Spun Eri Silk Sari from Assam

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Hand woven Eri Silk Saree with hand spun silk yarns .

Woven by the village women on the traditional looms that are still part of everyday life amongst the village communities of the region.

The saree has been woven with fine hand spun yarns making it soft and light weight .

The off white colour is the natural colour of Eri Silk Yarns . The Sari has small woven floral motifs in the body . The woven floral motifs are also woven natural dyed Eri Silk yarns.

Hand spun silks have a very unique and uneven texture giving each product a distinct look . Hand spun Eri silk articles will have a coarse texture that generally softens over the years. This saree has gone through a softening process to make it softer .

Eri silk is procured from the caterpillar Samia Cynthia Ricini and is found in the north eastern state of Assam and nearby region.
Eri is also categorised as Ahimsa or Peace Silk . Eri along with Muga Silk is indigenous to the region .

Unlike other silks, Eri Silk does not have any bright sheen.It has a very subtle sheen . Hand spun Eri silk has none.

Properly stored , it will last a lifetime. One of the best qualities of Hand spun Eri silk or Muga silk is their durability and yarn strength

This saree can be worn through out the year but not so comfortable in very hot weather.

We try our level best to capture the exact colours but due to the presence of silk and lighting effects, there could be very minor difference between the actual colour from the image colour.

Length - 5.3 mts

Width - 46 "

Wash Care - Can hand wash . Wash Separately . Do not wring . Or Dry Clean

Shipping -  3-5 Business Days

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