Please find answers to some common questions . 

1. Where are your products sourced from ?

We are working directly with weavers or weaver's clusters and artisans . There is no second party in between us or the weavers . That's the reason that we can give absolute guarantee about our products. 

2.  Are you using pure silk ?

Yes , we are using pure silk - Mulberry , Eri , Tassar and Muga . And we are mentioning the silk clearly in our product descriptions. If we use synthetic silks , we will mention them clearly as Art Silks . 

3.  Will my Custom and Personalised Orders will be exactly as the image or  the product described ? 

 There could be slight variations in the custom orders like colour, size of the motifs due to the fact that it may be a different weaver who will make your product or the colours may differ slightly due to the dyeing process.
But rest assured that we will do our utmost to make it as close to the original specifications as possible. It is a very common practice in India especially in Assam to custom make handloom products. So people in this industry are very careful and precise about orders.

4 .  Is Gift Wrapping and Packaging available ? 

Yes , we will do gift wrapping and packaging on request . We will use simple gift wrapping paper and ribbons for doing so . 

5.  Are your products available for Wholesale purchase ?

Most of our products are single designs, But since we are working directly with weaver's clusters , we can look into your wholesale requirements. Please contact us via email or whatsapp for the same. 

6 . Do i need to pay separately for custom duties ?

Yes , International buyers will have to pay any duties that are applicable in the destination country . 

7. Why does the Price at Check out shows in INR even though it shows in dollar on the landing page ? 

International buyers may see the price reflected on their landing page in dollars but on the shipping page and checkout it will show in the Store's default currency . In this case it is INR . It is because of constraints right now placed by the platform provider at the moment .  You may be charged by your bank or card provider exchange rate charges . We do not have control over that .