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Handloom Red Eri Silk / Peace Silk Stole /Shawl from Assam , India

Handloom Red Eri Silk / Peace Silk Stole /Shawl from Assam , India

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This Eri Silk Stole / Shawl is a genuine handloom piece.

Woven in the traditional looms in Assam, North East India. 

It has mill spun red Eri silk yarns in the warp and weft and the design motifs are in natural off white Eri Silk . 

Eri silk is procured from the caterpillar Samia Cynthia Ricini and is found in the north eastern state of Assam and nearby region. Eri is also categorised as Ahimsa or Peace Silk as it is one of the rare silk that is procured without killing the moth.

Unlike other silks, it does not have very bright sheen and the silk is obtained from naturally raptured cocoons.

Eri cocoons comes in two natural colours - off whites and reddish brown . The resultant yarns in their natural colours reflect that . The red brown variety of cocoons are rarer than the off white.

The colours of the stole is the natural colour of the yarn. No dyes have been applied . 

The colours that is visible on the website may slightly differ from the original due to light and photography factors.

The shawl is ideal for indoor environments or for mild winters only .

Length Appx 200 cm , Width 60 cm

Recommended mode of washing is by hand with soft detergent in cold water, separately and shade dry . Please note that on washing , it may loose some of it's original freshness .

SHIPPING - 3-5 business days .

Or Dry Clean Only.

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