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Eri SilK / Ahimsa Silk Handloom Stole

Eri SilK / Ahimsa Silk Handloom Stole

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This Eri Silk by Spun Muga Silk is a genuine piece of handloom stole.

Woven in the traditional looms in Assam, North East India.

Eri silk is procured from the caterpillar Samia Cynthia Ricini and is found in the north eastern state of Assam and nearby region. Eri is also categorised as Ahimsa or Peace Silk as it is one of the rare silk that is procured without killing the moth.

Muga silk or the golden silk is found only in Assam , India that produces a dazzling golden yarn.. Here spun muga silk has been used.. Spun Silk is made from the shorter yarns that are a waste byproduct of the reeling / combing etc process . Spun Silk will not have the shine or original sheen of the filament yarns .

Unlike other silks, Eri silks does not have very bright sheen and the silk is obtained from naturally raptured cocoons. Also , the Muga yarns that have been used are spun yarns .. Hence the stole doesn't have the usual sheen of the more common mulberry silk.

The stole is very soft and easy to wear.

Eri also has anti fungal properties, hence good for anyone who has skin allergies.

The colours that is visible on the website may slightly differ then the original due to light and photography factors.

Recommended mode of washing is by hand with soft detergent in cold water ,separately and shade dry .

We recommend Dry Clean
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