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Hand woven Muga Silk Oversized Wrap / Dupatta with natural Dyed Eri Silk Motifs from Assam

Hand woven Muga Silk Oversized Wrap / Dupatta with natural Dyed Eri Silk Motifs from Assam

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Muga Silk Dupatta / Oversized warp with all motifs in natural dyed Eri Silk.

This is a genuine handloom product from our looms in Assam , India.

It has Muga silk in the warp and weft and all extra weft motifs are in natural dyed eri silk yarns .

Both Eri Silk and Muga Silk are the indigenous silk from the north east state of Assam , India .

Muga Silk - The most valued silk from India. Almost exclusively reared and produced in Assam, India. It is indigenous to the Brahmaputra Valley and assiduously practiced in the districts of Assam. The moth is basically a wild moth. Hence it is categorised as Vanya Silk or Wild silk by the silk board of India.(

The yarn produces is a natural rich golden yellow or light brown colour depending on the host plant it feeds on. These are unique products. Muga silks resist sunshine and are more durable than most other silks. They say that Muga silks can outlast one's lifetime. Muga silks can be termed Organic as no harmful chemicals have been used in the cultivation of host trees or in the processing of silk fabrics. No dyes are applied to the yarns. The golden colour is its natural colour. Most Muga rearing and cultivation is still done by village clusters in Assam in the traditional method.

This Stole / Dupatta has hand reeled yarns both in the weft and warp . Hand reeled Muga silk yarns are the most valued kind . It has been woven on the basic handloom . It has been woven in a light manner ( means - less yarns in weft and warp ) , giving the shawl light and an airy look . Also making it more affordable .

Muga Silk has a natural tendency to be fluffy . It will settle down with usage . It will not lose its lustre over time.

Please note that we try to capture the exact colour but due to the presence of silks and lighting issues , there may be slight difference in colour between the image and the actual product.

Length 250 CM Appx

Width 32 INCHES Appx

Wash Care - You can hand wash this stole using mild detergents or shampoo . Do not wring . Flat Dry . Store in cool & dry place .

Delivery Time -  Appx 5 weeks 

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