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Handwoven / HandSpun Eri Silk Fabric by yard from Assam

Handwoven / HandSpun Eri Silk Fabric by yard from Assam

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Handwoven Silk fabric from our looms in Assam , India.

width -44”

The fabric has hand spun Eri Silk in the warp and hand spun Eri Silk in the weft . The colour of the fabric is the natural colours of the yarns . 

Eri Silk and Muga Silk are indigenous to the North Eastern States of India , particularly Assam .

Eri Silk is a silk which is produced from naturally ruptured cocoons. Hence known as Ahimsa Silk . The silk produced is spun silk . Therefore , it does not have the typical sheen associated with silks like mulberry . It feels and looks like cotton but with very unique properties like being anti -fungal .

Eri silk comes Range Off white or cream colour and in a soft light brown colours. The light brown colours is produced from the Red Eri cocoons as red eri silk ..

The uneven texture of the fabric is due to the fact that the yarns present are hand spun.

There may be slight inconsistencies in the weave or fabric due to same reasons as above.

Overall , the hand feel is like cotton with subtle sheen due to the silks but stronger than cotton .

The fabric is ideal for items like Coats , Shift Dress , Skirts , Trousers , Jackets , Sherwanis etc. We suggest using a lining for any item made from the fabric for longer shelf life.

As a fabric , it can be washed . Use mild detergents or Shampoo . Hand wash separately . Do not wring . Shade Dry . Please note that it may shrink upon washing .

The price listed is indicative of 1 mtr of fabric only .

Please note that there may be slight difference in colours between the actual product and that in the image due to lighting issues and presence of silks .

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