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Handloom Indigo dyed Hundred percent Eri Silk / Ahimsa silk fabric by yard

Handloom Indigo dyed Hundred percent Eri Silk / Ahimsa silk fabric by yard

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Hundred percent Eri Silk Fabric by yard .

Woven on a basic home loom by village women .

The yarns have been dyed with natural Indigo dye extracts . Due to the natural dyeing process , there will be an element of unevenness in the dyed fabric that gives the fabric it's unique look.

The yarns that are used in the warp and weft are mill spun yarns .

Eri silk is procured from the caterpillar Samia Cynthia Ricini and is found in the north eastern state of Assam and nearby region.
Eri is also categorised as Ahimsa or Peace Silk as it is one of the rare silk that is procured without killing the moth.

Unlike other silks, it does not have any sheen and the silk is obtained from naturally raptured cocoons. Historically Eri Silks was used to make shawls and other similar articles for winter . With changing technologies , it is now possible to produce extremely fine Eri yarns that are use to make very fine textiles .

The fabric has a beautiful fall . Eri silk looks and feels like cotton but has the inherent silk properties. This particular fabric will be more suitable for Tops , Dresses , Skirts , Men's Kurta , Jacket . We suggest to use a lining for styles that are long in length like dresses , skirts , Kurtis as there is a tendency of electrostatic discharge in these handwoven Eri Silk fabrics. .

Please note that due to lighting issues and presence of silk , there may be slight difference in colours between the actual product and that in the image.

The price here is indicative of 1 mt . 1 mt =3000 INR

Width - 40 Inches

Weight - Appx 60 - 70 GSM .

Wash Care - As a fabric , this can be hand washed . Use mild detergents , do not wring . Shade dry . Since Indigo dye is there , please wash separately . It may bleed slightly for the first few washes.


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