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Tie & Dye Natural Dyed Eri Silk / ahimsa silk Stole from Assam

Tie & Dye Natural Dyed Eri Silk / ahimsa silk Stole from Assam

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This is a genuine handloom product from the looms of Assam, India.

Eri Silk is the only commercial silk in which the moth is allowed to emerge from its cocoon naturally and hence known as Ahimsa silk and also is more environment friendly as it requires marginal amounts of water and chemicals in its processing cycle to produce these beautiful yarns.

The Stole is made from Eri Silk Yarns in the traditional looms in Assam by women weavers . The yarns have been natural dyed with natural dye extracts from plant based sources.

Since Eri Silk is there, the stole does not have the typical sheen that is associated with Silks from India. Eri Silk is an indigenous Silk variety from India found in Assam and some other North Eastern States. The lack of sheen and slight coarseness/ dryness is typical of Eri Silks. This stole has reeled yarn and hand spun yarn that gives it its unique texture.

The stole is soft and has a beautiful hand feel.

Eri Silk is easier to take care of than other more delicate silks like Mulberry Silks. If properly taken care of and stored in cool and dry place , It will last a lifetime.

The production of Eri Silk yarns is still majorly an indigenous activity of the tribal people of the region and the dyeing / weaving activities are mostly village activities that employs a large no of women from the villages.

Eri Silk also has anti fungal properties , hence ideal for anyone who has skin allergies.

Please note that there could be slight imperfections as these are handloom products.

Care Instructions - Dry Clean OR Gentle Hand Wash in mild detergents . Shade Dry . Please note that since it is a deep colour in natural dye , it may bleed . So wash separately in case of hand wash.

Length - 220 CM

Width - 60 CM

Shipping - 3-5 Business days 

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